Garment is a message

How a garment is made matters to us. At our cooperative we want to support the following principles:



It is important for us to work closely with qualified people.

Seamstress and textile artist Mari Benissan has designed the jackets and will sew them to your measurements in the capital area in Finland. You can choose the model, length and any additional features for yourself.


Doing it together

How often have you had any say in the garment you buy? At the Cooperative of the Cloth we value the fact that artisans understand the garments they make – their intended use and the requirements that apply to them. We also value the fact that those who buy our products are investing in a better world through sustainable and ethical purchasing.



Handcrafted textiles are both beautiful and sustainable. Durability is more environmentally friendly, because the textile lasts longer. The jacket is made with 100% British wool.



We accept second hand clerical garments and make something new and fashionable with them.

You can also bring your old and usable clergy garments to us. We will find new wearers for them.

We make products from recycled material.


If you are interested in the cooperative, or have an idea you think we may be interested in, please feel free to get in touch!


You can get in touch with us either by using the form below or by sending an email to

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