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In the middle of the Rainbow bracelet are three rainbow agate beads symbolizing God's eternal union between the Earth and Himself. God made the union between Himself and all the living creatures on this Earth. The dark green beads are blood stone, which got it's name from a legend that says that Jesus dropped a drop of blood on a jaspis stone and if you look closely you can see the red stain it made on the rock.


The bracelet has been crafted from rubber thread meant for jewellery, so the band is elastic. Please note that each of the stone beads is unique and the shades of agate stones, for example, may vary.


This bracelet is available in two lengths. For a smaller wrist with 18 beads (wrist circumference approx. 15-16 cm) and for a larger wrist 20 beads (wrist circumference approx. 18-19 cm)


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