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The prayer beads are made in Finland by Tiina Kristoffersson. Each rosary has its own story and the beads have been chosen by Tiina with a great purpose.

Read each story below and get to know our beautiful and handmade prayer beads.


The beads of the Magnitude rosary are made out of Carneol stone. Carneol is said to release a person of sorrow, fear and apathy, and to increase vivacity and bravery. For Protestants, the merits of Carneol are mainly aesthetic: the stone creates an unusually beautiful rosary. And because we can think beauty as a quality of God, this bead is well suited for practicing Lutheran silence. The blue-shade special beads are ceramic and remind us of the universe, planets, space and the unfathomable greatness of it all. In that magnitude, a human beings may only be small and fleeting, but even as such, they are the image of God. 


The Mary prayer bead was designed to honor the memory of Virgin Mary and all other mothers in the world. In the Christian tradition (and especially in its Orthodox branches), Virgin Mary is referred to by the honorary name, God-bearer.


Virgin Mary’s role in the Lutheran tradition isn’t as central as it is in the Catholic and Orthodox churches, but even as Lutherans, we value Mary’s role as the mother of Jesus and as his loyal follower. The Annunciation of Mary in March is a Christian holiday in our church as well, celebrating the announcement by angel Gabriel to Virgin Mary that Jesus Christ would soon be born.


Blue is the color of Virgin Mary, which is why the beads of the prayer beads are blue-dyed quartz and sea glass. Three of the larger floral-patterned beads are made of glass. The white Tagua palm cross was crafted in a cooperative of Ecuadorian women.


The Franciscus rosary was created in memory of Saint Francis of Assisi (1181/1182 – 1226), in the spirit of Christian ecumenism. The rosary is crafted from wooden beads and the Tau cross the Franciscan friars carry is from Convento San Francesco, located in Sorrento, Italy, which is an old Franciscan monastery.


Whilst creating the rosary, mainly thoughts were on Saint Francis’s relationship with the nature and animals. It is said that Francis even preached to birds and his memorial day, 4th of October, has since been adopted as the World Animal Day.

Saint Francis said that as long as there are children, flowers and birds in the world, there is hope. The special beads in the rosary, the five large ones, remind of a beehive. May these beads remind us of the fact that even the smallest of God’s buzzers are vital actors in his creation and worthy of special protection.


The Dream prayer beads are called "Uni" in Finnish. The word means both "sleep" and "dream". Tiina got the idea for these prayer beads when a woman told her about recovering from burnout. The woman had lost her sleep and started to meditate with the Christian prayer beads in the evenings. Soon she got her good night sleep back. 

The Bible is filled with stories about people to whom God speaks in dreams. From her childhood, Tiina remembers especially Samuel, a young boy, who God tried to approach several times until Samuel understood who is speaking. While meditating we can also say: "Speak, God. I'm Ready to Listen". 

Blood roses

The five red ceramic beads of the blood roses prayer bead symbolize Christ’s suffering and the five wounds he was given at the cross.


The wooden beads are made from palm wood. They remind us of palm branches, which people placed across the path before Jesus.


The cross is made from metal and it has a tiny dove on the back symbolizing the Holy Spirit and peace.

The Hope prayer bead is made of sandalwood beads that come from a community supporting Indian widows. The three dark green stones are bloodstone, which, according to a legend, was named after a drop of Jesus’s blood fell from the cross. The drop landed on a green Jasper stone, leaving a mark, which appears as a shade of red.


The two red beads are Carneol stones. The carnelian colour reminds us of the heart and how important it is to live a heart-centered life. The metal pendant that is formed by a cross and a heart (faith and love) has a small bell attached to it. When the bell rings, the prayer bead bearer is reminded of the hope that supports us in our lives.


The Olive is a prayer bead for the new beginnings of life – both the welcome ones as well as those that you might not want to face. The prayer bead is crafted from olivewood beads and Ichthys-cross that originate from a Nazareth-based family business. Olivewood or oiltree is mentioned in the Bible in several occasions. Olivewood is also mentioned in a story where Noah sends a dove to search for land and finally, the dove returns with an olive leaf to signal the end of the flood.

The three crude beads in the prayer bead are Rudraksha seeds. The two green glass beads are handmade. In Lutheran liturgy, the green colour recurring in the prayer bead is the colour of hope, eternal life and growth – the colour of new beginnings.

Please note that prayer beads are not meant to be worn as a bracelet.

Prayer beads


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