Hope prayer bead
Hope prayer bead Hope prayer bead

Hope prayer bead

Tiina Kristoffersson
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Hope prayer bead is makde from sandalwood beads, bloodstone beads and carnelian beads. Prayer bead reminds you of the hope that supports life.

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Hope prayer bead

Hope praeyr bead is made from sandelwoodbeads. The beads come from a community that supports Indian widowed women.

The three dark green beads  are bloodstone. The name derives from a legend about Jesus's blood drops dripping on a jaspis stone. The legend says that if you look closely you can see a red pattern.

Carnelian beads remind you of a heart and how important it is to live your life fully from the heart.

The hope and love pendant includes a small bell. When the bell rattles you can remember that hope is what supports us in life.

29 sandalwood beads
5  bloodstone beads 

2 carnelian beads
1 metal pendant
1 bell
seed beads

200 g