Diaconal stole
Diaconal stole Diaconal stole Diaconal stole

Diaconal stole

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A diaconal stole made from ethically produced silk. The stole is dyed by hand and produced entirely in Finland.

Delivery time 2 - 5 workdays

The diaconal stole is made from hand-dyed and sewn ethically-produced silk. The stole attaches at the side. 


“A deacon is someone who travels alongside us in this life. The deacon sees the downtrodden, dark and suffering side of life. 

In terms of the liturgical colours, black signifies the suffering, the point at which a deacon’s work begins and develops toward the green foliage signifying hope. The Holy Spirit supports this work from beginning to end.

Black is a colour that lifts other colours forth. Against a black backdrop of suffering, the green and white representing hope appear truly light and uplifting.”

- Anna Matilainen.


The stole is made from thick, coarse Bourette silk from India. It has been woven in ethical conditions without chemicals and without harming any silkworms. The lining of the stole is viscose.

Each stole is made to order, so the delivery time is agreed on separately and varies between 2–4 weeks. For more information, write to us at pyhavaate@gmail.com

11 cm
300 g
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