From the beginning, the idea behind Pyhävaate was a deep commitment to responsibility. Responsibility is our core principle and we incorporate it broadly in our activities. The textile industry is a worldwide problem, both in terms of the working conditions and the environment.


Cotton is not grown in Finland, but we are proud to say that the black and green tricot and the black and blue sweatshirt material that we use are manufactured in Finland from organic cotton.

Our linen products are made from European linen. Linen is a naturally ecological material, because it does not require a lot of water or pesticides to grow. The fabric is durable, breathable and comfortable to wear.

Our cassocks and dresses are made from 100% wool sourced from England.

We strive to use 100% natural materials as much as possible. Natural materials are durable, comfortable and easier to recycle than blended fabrics.

Our paper products are printed on high-quality recycled paper in Helsinki.

All product washing and size labels are woven in England.


All Pyhävaate products are produced in Finland and our collared garments all carry Finland’s Key Flag Symbol. Production in Finland is important to us, because it minimises the emissions caused by the transport of products and enables us to ensure their quality. It is also essential for us to employ artisans and small-scale entrepreneurs. The number of seamstresses and sewers in Finland is diminishing and it is possible that, at some point, we may be forced to purchase sewing services from abroad as well. If we need to resort to this solution, we will select our co-operative partners from as close a location as possible, so we are able to verify ethical production conditions.


Once a product has been purchased, the responsibility for its care and recycling is passed on to the customer. To ensure that you get to enjoy your garment for as long as possible, make sure you treat it with as much care and love as was incorporated in its production. Textile products are valuable and Pyhävaate endeavours to raise the appreciation for textiles to the level they deserve. The proper care of the product will extend its life and reduce the environmental load of products. Read our care instructions:  Care instructions


Pyhävaate endeavours to promote equality for all people. Pyhävaate was originally founded on the ‘same office, same attire’ principle with the aim of creating gender-neutral and equal festive vestments for pastors. Equality is also reflected in our other areas of activity, as we wish to act in a non-discriminatory manner and take a stand on equality.

During the period of 2016–2020, Pyhävaate contributed to the Paratiisilintu sewing group activities at Tapiola Church. Pyhävaate’s task was to facilitate the business aspects of the activities. The Paratiisilintu products were sewn by asylum seekers who had professional qualifications as tailors. The activities were forced to shut down when the actual working space could no longer be used due to renovations to Tapiola Church.