The membership fee is EUR 50. Membership grants you a voting right with regard to the activities of the co-op as one of the co-op shareholders.

You can choose to participate actively in the activities of the Osuuskunta Pyhävaate co-op, or you can opt not to participate and just enjoy the activities and products of the co-op. Membership in the Osuuskunta Pyhävaate co-op does not oblige you to do anything and you can cancel your membership at any time. If you decide to cancel your membership in the co-op, your membership fee will be refunded to you.

Within the co-op, we endeavour to share the professional skills and talents of the co-op members. That is why it is the ideal place to share any talents you have, such as handicrafts, products or skills that might enable Osuuskunta Pyhävaate to grow into an even larger and more valuable community.

What does it mean to be part of the Osuuskunta Pyhävaate co-op as a small-scale entrepreneur or artisan?

Osuuskunta Pyhävaate provides small-scale artisans with a community and the means to turn good ideas into great ideas. Pyhävaate makes it possible for product manufacturers to be in direct contact with the end users of the products. Products can be brainstormed together within the co-op, with Pyhävaate providing the marketing and online sales platform. This enables product manufacturers to focus on what they do best, in other words to come up with ideas and produce the products. The best part is that, within the co-op, ideas can arise from a concrete need, whereby the demand for the specific products is already known at the production phase.

We are currently seeking more seamstresses and sewers for our co-op. Join us, we have a lot of ideas! Here you can let us know about yourself or an artisan you know whose products live up to the co-op's idea of dignified, meaningful products that embrace holiness and are both durable and domestic.

How can you support the Osuuskunta Pyhävaate co-op?

If you would just like to provide financial support for the activities of the Osuuskunta Pyhävaate co-op, that is also possible.

You can purchase multiple shares, and each one supports the mission of the Osuuskunta Pyhävaate co-op. Our mission is to facilitate ecclesiastical attire, where the purpose of the garment is emphasised. For those wearing them, it is important that all garments be of good quality, attractive, ethically sustainable and suitable, regardless of gender.

The activities of the co-op are made possible by its voting membership. The co-op is headed by Managing Director Anna Matilainen.

Members of the Board

Meri-Anna Hintsala (Chair, Creative Director)

Vilppu Huomo (Vice Chair)

Titi Gävert

Mio Kivelä

Liisa Toivonen